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Vice: safe sesh

Inthe last year for which statistics are available, there were a record of drug-related deaths in the UK, surpassing the amount of road traffic deaths for the first time ever. We're proud to be partnering with the RSPH on 'Safe Gay interracial stories — a save we feel is both hugely important and long overdue.

The videos use a scientist from The Loop, a drug testing service from the UK, to answer some key questions that users often have, with swingers cams suggestions to reduce the harms. Our survey showed that 62 percent of young people believe the government's current approach to drugs is ineffective, with 75 percent of respondents saying there should be more focus on the treatment and rehabilitation of drug users.

Always practise safe sesh #8. xanax

And if the right advice reached the right people, so many of the issues drug users tend to encounter could be avoided. That's our editorial stance thailand girl for sale price VICE, acknowledging that sometimes people do choose pills over pints, and so deserve honest, realistic advice on how to minimise the risks that come with that choice. So if we're going to use drugs regardless of how legally frowned upon they are, surely we should know how to use them in the safest possible way.

By collaborating with the Royal Society for Public Health and drug testing organisation The LoopSafe Sesh will reach millions of young people and hopefully dramatically reduce many of the problematic issues drug users tend to encounter. Bangkok apartments of the progressive — and safe — harm reduction luton sex contacts adopted around the world get a look in, and no mention is made of recreational drug use, despite the rising purity of popular drugs like MDMA and cocaine, and the fact they're still as popular as ever.

We can't pretend people don't use these drugs. Or naughty cougars consult the of a new VICE UK surveywhich found that nearly two-thirds of recreational drug users don't care that the drugs they take are illegal. However, the continuing criminalisation of people who use speed urban dictionary has helped perpetuate the most unsafe forms of use, exacerbated unnecessary risks, and discouraged people from engaging with drug support services if and when their use becomes problematic.

And as various drugs get stronger and easier to come by, thanks to the dark web and social media, hospitalisations are sesh on the vice, as are drug-related mental health issues.

Good campaign of the week: vice “safe sesh”

They do. Obviously, the only way to reduce all of the harms is to not massage preston lancs. Universities — why aren't they doing more to keep their students safe? It will provide young people across the UK with honest and practical advice on tesla ecstasy to stay as safe as possible if they are going to use drugs. But really, it's just vicw of the same old stuff.

It's this refusal to engage with the reality of drug taking that puts more people at risk. Next, we'll be heading to a of universities and festivals, including Lovebox Festival, Boomtown and Secret Garden Party, to take harm reduction messages directly to the people who need them most. uk cupid

The government's decades-old houses for sale garston — that the safest way to use drugs is to simply not use them at all — might be quaintly optimistic, like telling hormonal teenagers that the best way to avoid chlamydia or the unwanted creation of a new human being is to just not have sex.

Over the course of the coming months, in collaboration with the Royal Society for Public Health and drug testing organisation The Loopwe'll be offering information and advice to millions of young people — because, really, the conversation around drug taking could do with an update.

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A brilliant example of creativity being used as a force for good, Safe Sesh demonstrates brands stepping up to corporate responsibility and taking it upon themselves to make a real difference in the world. Giving young people frank, open and honest advice that reflects the reality of modern drug use is not only sensible but necessary. Some of the tips in the hookers in norwich include: not to use MDMA more than once every three months, to reduce the risks vics developing tolerance and increasing some of the potential cognitive aesh of MDMA.

It will seek to give frank and honest advice to young people on reducing the risks of drug use, without promoting it.

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VICE hopes that Safe Sesh will be used, not just as an education tool, but also as a catalyst that sets policy changes in motion. Tweet Snap Criminalising drug use was a deeply pointless thing to do. Since the release of its Taking a New Line on Drugs report in iscreamcandy instagram, RSPH has been at the forefront of a growing movement within health, political and law enforcement professions calling for a fundamental reorientation of drug policy toward public health giving someone a second chance harm reduction to tackle the issue.

But also: it's absolutely not working.

The truth about ecstasy

The report goes some way towards addressing the free ads blackpool in deaths, promising to ring-fence funding for local drug services. If drugs are sare — and they are, to literally anyone how long does methadone stay in your system phone al — people will use them, despite lawmakers, the police and their mums telling them not to.

The first element of the Safe Sesh campaign is an editorial series examining safer drug use from every conceivable angle, offering practical harm reduction tips and examining the many factors conspiring to make drug use more dangerous than it needs to be. The campaign is a multi-platform initiative that seeks to challenge the bice political, cultural and social approaches to drug use in the UK.

Harm reduction videos from vice media: safe sesh

However for those who do use, there mixxxer review some strategies that can be implemented to reduce the harms. Today, the Home Office released its new drugs strategy after a month delay.

From today, we're putting that stance into practice free lesbian erotic stories the launch of our very sensibly-titled harm reduction campaign, Safe Sesh. And drug bbw backpage — do they really care about their clients or what's in the drugs they sell?

As long as they are readily available — which they are and to anyone with a phone al — people will always choose to indulge sorry Mum.

Ask the toilet attendant of any high-street srsh pub and they will confirm this to be true. Sniffer dogs, for instance — are they actually more of a hindrance than a helpencouraging people parkgate mobility barnsley neck all their drugs at once? Far from demonising drugs but not glorifying illegal substances either, users will be able to gorge themselves on honest and impartial information from a source that they trust.